Meet The Teams Competing In The League of Legends: Wild Rift: Origin Series July Monthly Finals

The time for battle is once again upon us in the League of Legends: Wild Rift: Origin Series as some of the best Wild Rift teams from across Europe, CIS, Middle East, North Africa, and Turkey have secured their place in the July Monthly Finals. Let’s take a look at some of the hottest teams from each group before the clash in the Monthly Finals from July 26-29.

Group A - Hottest 3 Teams:

  • Tribe Gaming
    • Country: Europe
    • Players: Clue, Doom, Elegy, Friend, Snitch
  • Team Queso
    • Country: Spain
    • Players: Andreszed,  ibustos,  memorized,  TQ Coinflip Crab,  TQ.Ruiz
  • Cream Real Betis
    • Country: Spain
    • Players: Cefiro, DarkCebo, Frosty, InVeer, RNATION, Skull, wasab0, x6Bambu
  • Look out for: Game-Lord (4th seed), Seven Free Agents (9th Seed)

Group B - Hottest 3 Teams:

  • Sangal Esports
    • Country: Turkey
    • Players: COOLFx, Emirhanokumus, Kesko, Lemiom, Tedious
  • Futbolist
    • Country: Turkey
    • Players: Batuhantrg, CAGLIYAN, elpiswr, Pygas, Sweast
  • Natus Vincere
    • Country: Russia
    • Players: Dante, Don, Hydro, Trovo GrizzlyQ, Valhalla, Vex
  • Look out for: Digital Athletics (4th seed), Unicorns of Love WR (9th Seed)

Group C - Hottest 3 Teams:

  • CUT Esports
    • Country: Egypt
    • Players: CUT 6ix9ine, CUT boss, CUT joe, CUT kamikaze, CUT Risk, CUT TemooS, Mijoj
  • Sunlight Team
    • Country: Saudi Arabia
    • Players: ApolloPink, Heaven, Madz, Razen, sL darkness, sl SoLo, waleed, wtr_nay
  • OffMeta
    • Country: Saudi Arabia
    • Players: FiK, KingTroops, Nemo8, Nofally, TriXter, Vidgamedunky
  • Look out for: Geekay Esports (4th seed), Middle East Underground (8th Seed)

There’s no predicting what is going to happen when these teams come together but we do know that you won’t want to miss it! Don’t forget to follow League of Legends Wild Rift: Origin Series on Twitch to watch these teams compete in the Monthly Finals, starting on July 26 at 5:30PM CEST.

Here’s where you can watch the competition in different languages:

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