Meet The Teams Competing in the First League of Legends: Wild Rift: Origin Series Monthly Finals

The competition in the League of Legends Wild Rift: Origin Series has well and truly kicked off, with some of the best Wild Rift teams from across Europe, CIS, Middle East, North Africa, and Turkey battling it out to make it to the first Monthly Finals. After some intense competition, we’re now left with 16 of the top teams from each group, who will now compete in the Monthly Finals from June 21st-24th. Let’s take a look at some of the top teams from each group.

Group A -  Hottest 3 Teams:

  • Team Future 
    • Country: UK
    • Players: Elegy,  N4nNan,  uii,  Mathroy,  trust_y,  Zerott
    • Country: Spain
    • Players: BlackJax,  jeyvix,  Panthdew,  QiMiao,  Warlife,  Zero
  • Team Queso
    • Country: Spain
    • Players: Andreszed,  ibustos,  memorized,  Coinflip Crab, Ruiz
  • Look out for: Team Singularity (8th seed), Tribe Gaming (4th seed)

Group B -  Hottest 3 Teams:

  • Dark Passage Wild Rift
    • Country: Turkey
    • Players: Hidan,  MANDOS,  Nexus,  Nyrone,  Xperia
  • Futbolist Wild Rift
    • Country: Turkey
    • Players: Batuhantrg,  CAGLIYAN,  elpiswr,  Pygas,  Sweast
  • TrovoNova
    • Country: Mixed
    • Players: Rick, Clemares, GrizzlyQ, Hydro,  Pose,  Vex
  • Look out for: Unicorns of Love: WR  (5th seed), Natus Vincere (6th seed)

Group C -  Hottest 3 Teams:

  • Portal Esport 
    • Country: Pakistan
    • Players: catfighter1214,  fog,  HowlingWolf,  Inertia,  Kensei,  TouchyShark-EU,  Trident
  • CUT Esports
    • Country: Egypt
    • Players: joe,  kamikaze,  TemooS,  Mlshemmy,  Pika,  Rizk
  • Stealth Kings Tactical
    • Country: United Arab Emirates
    • Players: dio,  FiK,  HzHum,  Nofally,  SALT Bungee gum,  SkL,  ToKeN B
  • Look out for: Geekay Esports (5th seed), OffMeta (9th Seed)

With such an impressive mix of teams, the only thing for certain is that we don’t know what will happen in the first League of Legends: Wild Rift: Origin Series Monthly Finals! Don’t forget to follow League of Legends Wild Rift: Origin Series on Twitch to watch these teams compete in the Monthly Finals, starting on June 21st at 5:30PM CEST on.

Here’s where you can watch the competition in different languages:

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