The Lowdown on the League of Legends: Wild Rift: Origin Series August Monthly Finals

With a few monthly finals already under their belts, the competition in the most recent League of Legends: Wild Rift: Origin Series August Monthly Finals was nothing short of top-tier. Read on to find out exactly how the finals played out.

Monday, August 23rd – Playoffs Day 1

Group A started off the day with some straight runs of 2-0s across the board, resulting in convincing wins for previous champions No Team No Talent, Mood Gaming, and Game Lord. Rew Gaming put up a fight in their match against Were Future, after some brilliant Lucian play in game 2 saw them come back 1-1, but Were Future were able to close it out in the end.


Meanwhile, in Group B, favourites Natus Vincere were quick off the mark securing a 2-0 against Equinox, while Unicorns of Love also proceeded into day 2 with another strong 2-0 showing, dealing with newcomers REGNUM CARYA E-SPOR in two quick matches.

Group C saw some quick results on day 1, with Sunlight Team, Team Occupy, Geekay Esports and Cut Esports all picking up wins.

Tuesday, August 24th – Playoffs Day 2

On Tuesday, the playoffs action really started to heat up in Group A, with a cracking match between Seven Free Agents and Rew Gaming going down to the wire (and all 3 games). In the end, SnowLya’s big plays as Nami support helped secure some teamfights and earn Rew Gaming the 2-1 win, to proceed in the lower bracket.

Of note in Group B on day 2 was a match between Unicorns of Love and Supermassive Blaze (SMB), which resulted in some of the longest games we’ve seen in the Origin Series yet. Game 3 went out past 20 minutes in a very evenly matched fight, but Nakres on Corki helped SMB pull off the win, managing to end the game 4/0/5.

Wednesday, August 25th – Lower bracket Finals

Group C featured some fiery matches on day 3, with Team Occupy going up first against Cut Esports for a spot in the Grand Final. Although Too on Oriana showed some strong mid-lane play as Oriana early on, it wasn’t enough to propel Team Occupy to victory, who dropped out 0-2.


Following that match-up, the Group C Grand Final took place between Geekay Esports and Cut Esports. In what was set to be a best-of-5, tight matchup, Cut again showed their dominance and pulled through 3-0 to take the Group C win.

Meanwhile in Group A, No Team No Talent (NTNT) had a tough time against long-standing rivals Team Queso, but after the series evened out at 1-1, L3oN on Fiora managed to dominate in lane and carry that advantage through to end the game in the favour of NTNT, ending the game with 7 kills.

Thursday, August 26th – Grand Final

After making their way back up through the Lower Bracket, No Team No Talent and Team Queso met again, although the previous days’ practice seemed to favour the NTNT crew, who were able to take convincing leads early on through strong micro play, and close out the series 3-0, and take the top spot in Group A.

Group B’s grand final saw a clash of two Turkish teams - Supermassive Blaze (SMB) and Bal Espor (BAL) - and the two teams delivered in the closest Grand Final of the August Monthly Finals. After dropping game 1, SMB came back in game 2 to dominate BAL, with an 11-1 scoreline (only Lonely Kid on Renekton contributed the single death). However, when it came to game 4, Lonely Kid on Gragas dominated in some late-game teamfights with well-placed barrels, and helped SMB to secure their 3-1 Grand Final win.


Let’s take a look at the final standings & points in August Monthly Finals.

Group A

# Team name Points Prize Money
1st No Team No Talent 540 €7,500
2nd Team Queso 444 €3,500
3rd Game-Lord 360 €1,600
4th Team Singularity 288 €1,200
5-6th poet laureate, Cream Real Betis 228 €900
7-8th Were Future, RoadToTop1 180 €700
9-12th Wavy Group, Wizards, Mood Gaming, REW Gaming 138 €500
13-16th Fox Gaming, Blows Gaming,, Seven Free Agents 102 €0

Group B

# Team name Points Prize Money
1st SuperMassive Blaze 540 €7,500
2nd BAL ESPOR 444 €3,500
3rd BK ROG Esports 360 €1,600
4th Futbolist 288 €1,200
5-6th Natus Vincere, CrowCrowd 228 €900
7-8th Top 3 wros, Digital Athletics 180 €700
9-12th Unicorns of Love, Les Lions Esports, eQuinOx, Sangal Esports 138 €500
13-16th Unknownpros, XFlow Wild Rift, Generation of Miracles, REGNUM CARYA E-SPOR 102 €0

Group C

# Team name Points Prize Money
1st CUT Esports 540 €4,200
2nd Geekay Esports 444 €2,000
3rd Team occupy 360 €1,250
4th Wick47 288 €750
5-6th Bunch of wolves, Sunlight team 228 €500
7-8th ALW7oosh, Salty Potatoes 180 €0

What’s Next?

This month, the Wild Rift: Origin Series Championship will be held live in Stockholm, Sweden, on September 24-26. Get ready to watch as the top 6 teams from the Origin Series (No Team No Talent, Team Queso, and Game-Lord from Group A, Unicorns of Love and Natus Vincere from Group B, and CUT Esports from Group C) battle it out live! For more updates, follow @wildrift.

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