League of Legends: Wild Rift: Origin Series July Monthly Finals

There has been some spectacular play in the Wild Rift: Origin Series recently, and we were treated to even more of it during the July monthly finals. Read more on how it all went down!

Monday, 26th July – Playoffs Day 1

Kicking off the first day, Group A saw a mix of new teams clash with former top-16 contestants, including a match between No Team No Talent (NT) and For The Win (FTW), which ended with NT taking out a clean 2-0 win and progressing to day two. Elsewhere, Team Queso, second place winners from the June monthly finals, narrowly defeated Team Future in a 2-1 win to move forward.

Meanwhile in Group B, some familiar faces competed, as Unicorns of Love, Digital Athletics, Natus Vincere and Futbolist took out their first-round opponents and proceeded into the semi-finals.

Group C saw the most decisive matches played during day 1, as almost all matches were won in only 2 games, as CUT Esports, Geekay Esports, OffMeta and Sunlight Team progressed.

Tuesday, 27th July – Playoffs Day 2

The stakes were raised on day 2 of the July playoffs, with more teams facing a drop to the lower bracket. First up, CUT Esports took on Sunlight team in the Group C, and after a fight over some objectives early on that went in favour of CUT, CUT Esports were able to snowball their lead and follow through with a 2-1 series win.

After some expected results in Group A, attention turned to the epic Group B matchup as Unicorns of Love (UoL) took on Natus Vincere (NaVi) in the upper bracket final. A tight first game saw Coldstar on Akali go 8/1/5, and earn the MVP for UoL as he propelled his team to a win. Game two saw UoL again take the lead early on with some laning phase dominance, which snowballed to a 2-0 victory.

Wednesday, 28th July – Lower bracket Finals

In a surprising result in Group A, the Spanish favourites from the June Finals, Team Queso (TQ), were taken out by No Team No Talent (NT) in the Lower Bracket Final on Wednesday, thanks in part to some fantastic teamfighting. L3oN on Gragas was able to land some key casks in game one, which NT used to score some crucial kills and snowball themselves to victory.

The action in Group C saw Sunlight team (ST) battle their way through the lower bracket final against Geekay Esports (GK), where Madz on Corki and Heaven on Ezreal made their presence felt with 11 kills between them, helping propel ST to a game one victory. Although GK tried to pull it back in game two with a strong performance from Sultanos on Wukong, it wasn’t enough as ST blazed through to the Group C Grand Final.

Thursday, 29th July – Grand Final

The Group A Grand Final saw No Team No Talent (NT) claw their way back to the upper bracket to face off against Game-Lord (GLD). An early break in the series went in favour of GLD after some strong coordination and early aggression from Zefta and YeQiu, but NT were able to secure a series point, and drive the match home after an unsuccessful initiate at Baron started a fight that GLD couldn’t win.

The Group B Grand Final started off extremely close, with both teams, Unicorns of Love (UOL) and Futbolist (FUT) neck-and-neck for kills 18 minutes into game one. Cautious was the name of the game here, although a clutch initiate from ZachQ on Wukong didn’t end up working for UOL, who lost the teamfight and the first game in the Best-of-5 series. FUT continued the momentum to win game two handedly, before slowing down as UOL clutched a game 3 with their nexus open, and turned the tide of the series. After the score evend 2-2, the final game saw UOL outlast their opponent, as Sneilaned on Ziggs contributed to a decisive 20-4 win for UOL.

Meanwhile in Group C, Sunlight team (SL) took on CUT Esports (CUT), with CUT picking a very aggressive Darius/Lee Sin comp in game one. In one of the closest Grand Finals we’ve seen yet in the Wild Rift: Origin Series, both teams were neck-and-neck right up until the final game, which saw SL take an early lead after Waleed on Twisted Fate dominated the midlane. CUT’s botlane put up a fight but weren’t able to bridge the gap between their solo laners, as SL eventually picked up Baron and pushed through for a win.


Let’s take a look at the final standings & points in our second Monthly Finals.

Group A

# Team name Points Prize Money
1st No Team No Talent 450 €7,500
2nd Game-Lord 370 €3,500
3rd Team Queso 300 €2,250
4th For The Win 240 €1,500
5-6th Team Singularity, Team Future 190 €1,000
7-8th Qlash, Cream Real Betis 150 €700
9-12th LOOKING FOR ORG BLACK, SEARCHING FOR ORG, Seven Free Agents, Arctic 7 115 €500
13-16th eSuba, Wavy Group, eMonkeyz Club, REVENANT 85 €0

Group B

# Team name Points Prize Money
1st Unicorns of Love 450 €6,000
2nd Futbolist 370 €2,500
3rd Natus Vincere 300 €1,600
4th Digital Athletics 240 €1,200
5-6th Sangal Esports, Les Lions Esports 190 €900
7-8th BK ROG Esports, fastPay Wildcats 150 €700
9-12th CrowCrowd, Unknownpros, Mortal Shot, BAL ESPOR 92 €500
13-16th Raccoons Party, Generation of Miracles, VİVAX, SuperMassive Blaze 68 €0

Group C

# Team name Points Prize Money
1st Sunlight team 450 €4,200
2nd CUT Esports 370 €2,000
3rd Geekay Esports 300 €1,250
4th OffMeta 240 €750
5-6th Middle East Underground, The Extraordinary 190 €500
7-8th Team occupy, Salty Potatoes 150 €0

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