League of Legends: Wild Rift: Origin Series June Monthly Finals

As our first League of Legends: Wild Rift: Origin Series monthly finals comes to an end, let’s take a look back at the week full of action & upsets.

الاثنين، 21 يونيو – التصفيات - اليوم 1

The first day of the League of Legends: Wild Rift Origin Series Monthly Finals for June started with TrovoNova defeating BD4Y 2-0 in Group B, with TNV pressing early leads and effectively securing objectives in methodical victories.

The series between Reason Gaming (RSN) and Luminous Charm (LC) was in high contention immediately; both teams were at risk of elimination if they lost, raising the potential risks higher. After starting out with one game each, both teams were determined to avoid elimination with wild drafts on both sides and flex picks aplenty. However, RSN managed a clean victory through a reverse engage early with pressure converting into strong objective control, thus eliminating LC from the tournament.

Following this series, VAMPIR3 Esports battled Team Singularity, in a clean 2-0 fashion.

الثلاثاء، 22 يونيو – التصفيات - اليوم 2

The second day of the Origin Series June Finals saw games that were highly contested. Sunlight Team vs CUT Esports was no exception; with Sunlight Team taking the lead early and following through with the win thanks to their good drafts and team compositions. Notably, Apollo stole Baron not once, but TWICE in Game 2!

Tribe Gaming vs Team Queso was a series that went all 3 games in spectacular ways, with great jungle play and objective control from Tribe Gaming. After falling in game 2 to some aggressive play from Team Queso (that included a 3-man dive in the midlane), Tribe Gaming ended up with the 2-1 series win,

The Unicorns of Love vs TrovoNova series was highly anticipated, and did not disappoint! Unicorns of Love claimed the series in a 2-1 narrow victory, through snowballing an early lead, winning major teamfights and systematically clearing the game of objectives.

الأربعاء، 23 يونيو – نهائيات الفئة الأقل تصنيفاً

The first series on Day 3 was CUT Esports vs OffMeta, the Group C Lower Bracket Final. Game 1 was very skirmish heavy early, and CUT Esports established a strong lead, which they then snowballed into objective control and pushing power, taking game 1. After a shaky game 2, CUT Esports pulled through with the eventual 2-1 win.

Following this was the series between TrovoNova and Mortal Shot, which saw TrovoNova claim the series in a swift 2-0; through their botlane and aggressive teamfighting in Game 1, to their early kills and teamfight oriented composition and expert macro play in Game 2.

The third series of the day was a similar affair, with Team Queso not taking any chances in their series against Cream Real Betis. Team Queso took a number of front to back teamfights employing the potent Galio/Camille combination with the Kai’Sa follow-up, securing Baron to win game 1, and continuing their strong team fighting in game 2 to take out the series 2-0.

الخميس، 24 يونيو – النهائيات

The fourth and final day of the June Monthly Finals brought with it the Finals for each group.

Kicking things off was Sunlight Team vs CUT Esports, from Group C. Using brilliant macro play, CUT Esports selected windows of opportunity to take turrets, expanding their gold lead significantly, and putting Boss on Evelynn ahead, despite picking her into Gragas. Snowballing this lead, CUT Esports end the game following a Baron secure in less than 14 minutes.

The second game in the series was closer, but despite this, CUT Esports found windows of opportunity to turn fights to their favour, winning the game and the series.

The rematch of Unicorns of Love and TrovoNova in Group B was next, with the first game immediately swinging in the favour of the Unicorns of Love.

In the second game of the series, Unicorns of Love establish an early lead by getting picks on the bot lane and by diving mid with Koleso on Camille, and effective use of Hextech Ultimatum. By utilizing their lead and clearing camps, UoL set themselves up to take Infernal drake, and end the game, and the series 2-0.

The final series of the day, and the Finals themselves, was Group A’s Tribe Gaming vs Team Queso; a highly anticipated matchup.

The first game Tribe Gaming secure a large early lead, following up with map-wide domination, for an easy win.

The second game was a fast paced one, with Tribe Gaming charging down mid, and securing not one, but two kills within the first minute of the game! Team Queso neutralised this advantage by winning a botlane fight in the lower river, but weren’t able to turn the game around,as Tribe Gaming secured Baron and pushed through to take out the 2-0 series win.


Let’s take a look at the final standings & points after our first Monthly Finals.

المجموعة A

# الفريق نقاط الجوائز
1 Tribe Gaming 360 €6,000 
2 Team Queso 296 € 2,500
3 Cream Real Betis 240 € 1,600
4 Game-Lord 192 € 1,200
5-6 Seven Free Agents, Team Future 152 € 900
7-8 Team Singularity, Resolve 120 € 700
9-12 Reason Gaming, YDN Esports, VAMPIR3, devils.one 92 € 500
13-16 Luminous Charm, Jotun, QLASH WR, LOOKING FOR ORG White 68 € 0

المجموعة B

# الفريق نقاط الجوائز
1 Unicorns of Love WR 360 €6,000 
2 TrovoNova 296 € 2,500
3 Mortal Shot 240 € 1,600
4 BK ROG Esports 192 € 1,200
5-6 Sangal Esports, fastPay Wildcats 152 € 900
7-8 Futbolist Wild Rift, Dark Passage 120 € 700
9-12 Digital Athletics,Nasr E-Sports, BD4Y, Natus Vincere 92 € 500
13-16 REGNUM CARYA E-SPOR, CrowCrowd, Beşiktaş, Takım Arıyoruz 68 € 0

المجموعة C

# الفريق نقاط الجوائز
1 CUT Esports 360 €6,000 
2 Sunlight team 296 € 2,500
3 OffMeta 240 € 1,600
4 Geekay Esports 192 € 1,200
5-6 Invictus, R3B Team 152 € 900
7-8 Unknown squad, Bunch of wolves 120 € 700
9-15th Portal Esport, Stealth Kings Tactical, SCYTES, SOLO, Team Matrix, Outcast Esports, Vega Esports 68 € 500

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